Reading: HardCopy ft. SoftCopy

So, I did borrow these books 📚 from the library 🏫📚, and I for over 2 months I did not really lay my hands ✋🖐👋 on them to check ✔️ them out enough to learn what I got them for!

I would say as regards the topic, I did make use of a soft copy downloaded online 💻, than these!!!

Maybe because I didn’t yet go through them like I suppose to!

For you 👉; which do you prefer to read 📖 casually or study 📚✏️ or learn with? Soft Copy material or Hard Copy material?

Have yourself a great and lovely week!

Much love 💙.


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Class or Affordability : German vs Japanese; Mecedes vs Nissan… 

Nissan Vs Mecedes-Benz

Mecedes-Benz C200 Kompressor (German) compared with a Nissan Teana (Japanese) 

The Mecedes Benz is usually seen as a car with class,  especially for the elite back then/sometime ago, but even still till now its still a vehicle with/for class. And you can argueably say the Japanese brands: Nissan, Toyota beat price and were quite affordable and more cost effective to purchase/procure and maintain, still now tou can say this vehicles are affordable,  you can get them without breaking the bank and use effectively with reduced and not bad cost of maintenance and daily running,  but these vehicles have their different peculiarities and these are part of the reasons for their cost, performance,  output etc. 

Imagine having a C class or S class, G-wagon, how do you feel? 

Now what does having a Toyota,  Lexus or Nissan cool car, 350z,  SUV feel like?

But per adventure one of the either you use goes for a monthly servicing or gets in a crash,  how much would it cost you to service the vehicle or to fix it, even the fueling of these brands – Mecedes or Toyota,  can they be compared/can you cope with them? 

Pleasure, class or simplicity,  affordability comes at its cost. That we should know! 

The vehicle build… 

The size of their engine is one of these factors.  The builds are quite different. 

Under the hood: Showing part of the engine of a Mecedes and that of a Nissan

From the picture above, it is seen that under the hood/ the engine of the Nissan is compactly packed and the Mecedes hood is segmentized, with the different materials to be used used and visible quite. They are both compact and neatly packaged. 

It’s possible they both have 4 cylinder engines but different outputs and its quite possible a BMW (e.g.  525i)  with 4 cylinders which is German moves much more – more acceleration, top speed than a Toyota (e.g.Camry) which has and runs on 6 cylinders, this being Japanese. And you wonder why or how! Looking under the hood,  at the engine,  you might likely see some differnce. The BMW might like have an engine that has big/bigger bores ehich means a bigger engine than some conventional 4 cylinder engines. And in technical/automobile/engineering field looking at this,  we see that since the bore of the BMW is bigger,  the engine takes in more fuel likely and it compressed,  burnt and give a higher force/better/more power output,  which gives the engine and as a result the vehicle more power to navigate/move. 

The engine could be big – a 3.5L or 4L(litre) engine in a vehicle while the normal japanese car could be using a 3.0L or 2.2L engine. Surely,  the vehicle with the bigger engine size/higher litre capacity would give you better productivity in terms of engine power and hereby acceleration/speed – output but truly at more cost fuel being a mojor one of the cost,  while the normal cool japanese lower engine capacity would give you a good OK job ehich would likely not be as fast, powered as the bigger engine,  but with the advantage of economy. Lesser amount of fuel would be consumed/use to give the same output – get to the same deatination the german vehicle gets to. So you get power or economy which is a win win. So if the win for you is power – you want to get very fast/well powered/moved to your destination,  go for the german and if what youbwant is to save money and save fuel,  also maintenance cost in terms of parts, repairs,  go for the japanese.

Looking deeper, the way these vehicles were made were different,  different designs,  materials used,  shapes and so on from the front to the rear… The streamlining shapes, the curves,  the type of metal,  plastics used to manufacture the vehicle affects greatly the passage of air through and aroubd the vehicle and which in turn affects its mobility and speed,  these also applies for higher, more complex cars like the sport cars – the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Buggatti etc. 

Beneath the Mecedes-Benz C200 Kompressor

The picture above passes accross a major thing I want to share and one of the things that makes german vehicles spectacular. This is the fact that Mecedes-Benz and much other german makes like the BMW make use of a propeller shaft even for their small cars,  like the Mecedes-Benz C class in the above picture. Propellers are generally found in SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks,  Buses amongst other higher vehicle classes in Japanese makes like Nissan and Toyota. You rarely would,  that’s if you would find propellers in the Japanese cars at all – the like of Nissan Primera,  Sentra, Teana, Toyota Corolla, Camry, Honda Civic, City etc. 

Underneath of a Mecedes-Benz GL    450 4Matic (SUV/Jeep) , the propeller visible

This I tell you is one of the things that increases their cost, but this also gives the vehicle more grip,  handling,  rigidity,  balance on the ground/on roads I presume. So truly you get what you pay for. 

Another thing I notice in Mecedes-Benz vehicles is that usually, their wheels are slant. The suspension system and wheels are made in such a way they slant and these vehicles hereby gains great balance and are really rigid, i.e. stand their ground on the floor/on the road,  so even in bad terrains,  rough roads,  slippery roads,  they hold their grip and really help improve the handling of the vehicle,  therefore easing the work of the driver, giving him less job to do in that area. 

A Mecedes-Benz GL 450 4Matic Jeep

Classy BMW 525i

And in terms of beauty, the german cars have got it too,  they make real classy beautiful cars too now and the japanese cars too still give you the aestetics – beauty, cool, compact, economic (- fuel, maintenace),   great car you want. They even make cars which could and would compete with the german ones -german machines and do fine.

Beautiful Toyota Camry (Muscle) 

Cool Economic Nissan Teana

Either you want to go for the classy wonderful german machine or the cooly great economic japanese car, it is up to you. Know the job you are requiring of the vehicle,  choose the right one and they’ll deliver. 

Let Him Ask

Do not worry, do not struggle or bother thinking over and over, over it, over that issue. Pray, it changes things, situations… Commit it to God, ask, believe, trust and see God work things out for your good, for my good (His children, heirs good in line with His will, plan and purpose).

Blessed week. 😊



If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. James 1:5 NKJV

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